“Could a woman die of LOVE?”



Too much fun,  thinking about this quote I found in a book!!! I have some other ideas to possibly use with it too…maybe a “quote” series! lol


Notice the Green and Black’s strip on the bottom from my favorite organic DARK chocolate bars!!!


The “faux” wood lace at the top is a Martha Stewart border punch w/crackle glossy accents on it.


The image is from searching google for three hours Sunday morning EARLY! UGH!!!!

DUMB! but in the long haul, I think I LIKE it!!!! YEA!


oh, the pattern paper is from a K  and Co. 12×12 paper pack….I started out using the other side! Don’t ‘ya just shake your head when that happens!!!

3 thoughts on ““Could a woman die of LOVE?”

  1. the top “waffle” strip makes me think of pretzels… which leads to chocolate covered pretzels!! ethan! where are you?! i want some of your pretzels! 🙂

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