American History Month – the Civil War

Heart of Dixie

Heart of Dixie

My last swap for the month of February was last night…this is the atc I created for it…

We home educated our three daughters for nine years and I enjoyed reading their books more than they did!

Irene Hunt, her book  Across Five Aprils   is one about the Civil War,  someday I’ll read it again!

The stamps used on this atc are from Oxford Impressions


3 thoughts on “American History Month – the Civil War

  1. I didn’t know you home schooled your girls. You have a lot more stamina than I do!!! I remember Across Five Aprils too. I liked that book, and I like your ATC.

    Camille is studying for a test on the U.S.Constitution that all 7th graders in Illinois have to pass to move on to 8th grade. I have enjoyed relearning about the Constitution and its amendments – probably more so than Camille!!


  2. Great ATC. We homeschool our daughter and we are doing the Civil War right now, so not only am I admiring your wonderful ATC but I am going to look up that book!

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