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on the Twelfth Day of Christmas….COPICS

my true love sent to me not twelve drummers drumming….but copic markers!!!

I hope to be back later with a card,  but time will tell!  in the meantime,  here’s a gift tag!  Stamp reindeer express is by Printworks,  colored with copics!

Christmas comes only once a year, making it a rare and special occasion. This discount is also a rare beast, never before seen at 7 KIDS and possibly never seen again. It is not huge, but considering 7 KIDS regular price on these items is already at least 25% below retail, this is pretty special. With this code, you will save over 30% off retail!!!

On a side note for Copic lovers: Tab says, “I  have not carried many refills in the past. However, now that I am ordering direct from the manufacturer and am not limited in the colors of refills I can order, I will be placing an order this week for refills in the most popular colors in each category. If you have been looking for refills at 7 KIDS, you are about to be able to find them here!”

Twelfth Day of Christmas: Save an additional 8% on all in-stock


Merry Christmas Eve Day!


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