MagnoliaInk Summertime Special No.3 & SALE!

Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled stamping again,  but this is great news!!! lol

MagnoliaInk Magazine Summertime Special No.3 2011 in the store now, HERE!!!

Order it today while the 12% off your order sale is going on! (today is the last day)  ATS has a great price  $9.30 and very reasonable shipping (1st class is $2.90 for me)!

Doohickey’s heart swirl die and other dies restocked HEREHERE & HERE

Use coupon code “june”

See ‘ya!  I’m stamping too!


2 thoughts on “MagnoliaInk Summertime Special No.3 & SALE!

  1. Pam, Maybe you can help me I have Magnolia doily and I just can not figure out how to use it. I was surprised when the die came snd it wa half shape. I do not like to put a crease in it but evertime I try using it it does not come out nice so I think I’m doing something wrong.

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